March 28, 2010

Allison and Alex :: Engaged! | Gainesville Engagement Photographer

When I met with Allison and Alex for their wedding consultation they told me all of the reasons that they didn’t want to do an engagement session. I of course told them all of the reasons why I HIGHLY recommend doing an engagement session (which is why I include one in all of my wedding collections!) While I was able to convince them to DO the session, we definitely had to take a unique twist on what I like to call the “anti engagement session engagement session.”

Everything about Allison and Alex and their wedding is unique, and most importantly, THEM. Their invitations were photos of their pet hedgehogs dressed as bride and groom with the words to Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” around the border. When I saw their invites I knew we had to recreate their photo session with the hedgies. Luckily they were happy to oblige.

You just KNOW you are going to have a fun session when this is what the bride and groom to be are wearing.

And when I say fun…. it most certainly was! There was so much laughter in this session.

And you have to LOVE Allison’s absolutely stunning, custom engagement ring. Again, untraditional but so THEM.

Allison and Alex, I hope the engagement session wasn’t too painful! Thank you so much for agreeing to it!

I simply cannot wait until your wedding day guys! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Here is a slideshow of more images.

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