June 9, 2010

Brandi and Rob :: Trash The Dress | Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Brandi and Rob were one of my winners the Valentines Day Love Story Contest. Brandi shared her sweet story with me, so I was so excited to meet this couple. They were married a few weekends ago and Brandi wanted to use her session as a couple Trash The Dress session. We decided that the beautiful Ginnie Springs would make the perfect backdrop for our water themed session.

Here is Brandi’s winning entry-
Rob and I first met when we were in middle school. In April of our eighth grade year, I broke my leg in a horse-back riding accident. Although we hadn’t spoken much prior to the injury, I was surprised to find Rob standing at my doorstep one Saturday afternoon, hoping to keep me company for the day. We spent several hours chatting and playing games, and for the rest of the school year, he helped me off of the bus, and through the hallways, carrying my books along with his own.

Years passed. Our friendship blossomed, and we began dating. This continued on and off throughout high school, but it was not uncommon during the times that we were off for me to come home from a date to find him hanging out with my parents. He was always my best friend, even during those periods, and by our senior year, I had finally figured out that there was no one else I would rather see. We moved to Gainesville together after high school, and experienced college life for the first time together. Our relationship grew even more, and we made the decision to move in together in July of 2007.

That Thanksgiving we spent in Gainesville, as I had recently started a business and knew that I would be working through the holiday season. Rob decided to stay with me, and we celebrated our very first Thanksgiving in our own home. As my family tradition dictates, the Christmas tree is always put up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving. That night, Rob put on some assorted Christmas songs, while we drank hot chocolate and hung ornaments on the tree, savoring the special memory we were making and feeling very much in love and in the holiday spirit.

I reached in the ornament box to grab the very last ornament at about the same time that Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” snuck into the playlist. Beneath the ornament was a ring box. Rob knelt in front of me, opening the box to reveal a beautiful solitary diamond ring, and with tears in both of our eyes, told me that he loved that we had made so many memories in the years before, and how excited he was to be sharing new traditions with me, and that he wanted for us to share many, many years of more wonderful times together. He asked if I would be his wife, and I, of course, said yes! It was the most beautiful proposal, and the best part is that we relive it every year, on the day after Thanksgiving.

We finally have our wedding planned and will be celebrating our marriage with friends and family on May 29th, 2010, when we will finally truly become husband and wife. I am so lucky to be marrying my best friend, and even luckier to have a husband who is able to give me such beautiful memories. We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, and Stevie Wonder will always be the singer of our favorite Christmas song.

I had so many favorites from this session that I had such a hard time narrowing it down for this sneak peek! But here are a few for now!

We started with some in the pretty forest area surrounding Ginnie Springs.

Then Brandi and Rob took the plunge- literally!

And some of Brandi….

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