October 20, 2009

Chilly Morning Family Session | Orlando Family Photographer

Last Sunday morning I met with the C Family bright and early in downtown Winter Garden. To say it was chilly was an understatement. The temperatures plummeted from a high of 90 on Friday to a low of 39 Sunday morning. Luckily we had plenty of blankets to keep bundled up in between snapping pictures. I have know this family FOREVER- Helene and I sang together in All County Choir in 5th grade and forged a friendship that has lasted through college and into our adult lives. She and her hubby Jim are high school sweethearts and it has been so special for us to give birth to our daughters just 6 weeks apart.

Here is darling Miss Alana- one of Madalyn’s very best friends.

And the lovebirds…. still as cute today as they were in high school!

Cutest family pic ever. Check out the look on Miss A’s face. She is already rolling her eyes at Mom and Dad- boy are they in for trouble!

Did I mention that Jim and Helene are pretty much the coolest parents in the world? Check out Alana’s little guitar. She is a Rock Star in training. Seriously- watch out American Idol.

I just want to eat her up. Isn’t she adorable?!

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