January 3, 2012

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Hearing all these stories is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! For the next few days- until Sunday, January 8th at 11:59 pm to be exact- you will have the opportunity to vote on which couple you think deserves to win a stylized engagement session with Sweet Serendipity Photography. This is a $250 value! And don’t worry- there are prizes for the runners up as well.

To vote for your favorite couple just chose their number and vote. You can vote once per day and are more then welcome to share this post with anyone and everyone to help your favorite couple win a FREE engagement session!

COUPLE #!- April and Jason
On March 21st 2011 my fiance, Jason proposed to me with the help of our cheerleading team. He & the other coaches collaborated together…. I arrived at the gym for a typical practice, but when I arrived the kids were nowhere! I asked Jennie (the other coach) where they were & she told me they had bad attitudes & were outside conditioning. I believed her because the night before was the same way. Well… after about 30 minutes she said “lets go check on them & see if they are ready to practice now”. So she led the way to the back door, and when we opened it all the cheerleaders were up in stunts holding a huge banner made from a sheet that read “April will you marry me?” On one side of that banner was a stunt group holding a “yes” sign, and the other side was a “no”. Jason was knelt down in front of everyone holding a bouquet of flowers & and engagement ring. I was SOOO shocked! How amazing that he got all 26 cheer cheerleaders, all 8 of our kids and all the coaches involved in the proposal… and nobody ever let on! I had no clue. He’s such a romantic ♥ (and I said “yes”, of course!)

COUPLE #2- Brittany and Kyle
Kyle and I got engaged on Christmas Eve…we love to go fishing and he needed a way to catch me off guard, so he hid my ring in a new tackle box that he wrapped as a gift. The ring was wrapped in a paper towel inside of one of the compartments, so I did not know what it was and acutually thought that it was some sort of cleaner…needless to say I opened it up and there was my beautiful ring! There were tears in both of our eyes and it was just perfect ♥ Now all the fun of planning 🙂

COUPLE #3 – Elizabeth and Nick
Nick and I became engaged on December 4th. The day before, Nick went to my dad’s office and asked for his blessing. When I came down to Gainesville the next morning, Nick told me that he had something to ask me and that he couldn’t wait any longer to make me his future wife-even though he didn’t have a ring. He went to Texas to spend Christmas with his family, so when he came home last night we exchanged Christmas gifts. After opening all of the presents (or so I thought), he got up from the couch and said there’s one more thing. He opened his backpack and walked over with a blue box with a silver ribbon. As soon as I removed the ribbon, I saw that the box was Tacori and he got down on one knee and proposed to me with the ring. I am still in shock (I wasn’t expecting to get a ring this soon)! But, that’s my little love story 🙂

COUPLE #4 Kalie and Lehman
My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 7 years. I’ve been a little antsy for a proposal but didn’t think it was ever going to happen. Christmas morning after opening our gifts at my dads house he told me that he wanted to show me what his mom got him. So we went out to the front porch and as I was walking down the steps he tugged on my arm and I turned around and he was down on one knee with this gorgeous ring! We are buying our first house together and closing in January and now I’m even more excited to start our lives together!!

COUPLE #5 – Ali and Brady
My son left clues all over town for Ali. It was her birthday so she thought it was just a birthday surprise. He even went to Panera the night before and arranged for a clue to be in her lunch order. She ended up being rowed out to an island on the Gulf, blindfolded, where Brady was waiting for her. He sang her a song that he wrote just for her and gave her a ring made out of the strings of his first guitar my father gave him when he graduated from kindergarten. The strings were specifically A string for Ali, B for Brady and G string for God. He braided them together to form a “three fold cord” which is the name of his song. We put the song on YouTube. You can see it there. Very romantic. She was totally surprised. They will purchase her ring together this weekend. Thanks! Proud Mom of the Groom:-)

COUPLE #6 – Austin and Josh
My fiancé and I are high school sweet hearts. After graduating from college in August I was getting a little antsy for a proposal since we have been together for 4 and a half years. August came and went and no proposal. I had kind of put it in the back of my mind after that. We flew to his home state of Texas December 1st, and since we flew out of Orlando we stayed the night with a friend by my alma mater, UCF. The night before our flight we went to walk around on campus. We walked around and then he just stopped, got down on one knee and asked. Of course I said yes! And the whole time my best friend, and maid of honor, was his accomplice! He went to my jeweler at home and designed this beauty himself! He knew I loved yellow diamonds, and I could not ask for more!

COUPLE #7- Laura and Steve
I’m actually writing this with the hopes of surprising my now fiancée. We were just engaged on Monday, January 2nd of this year. This was a very special day because it is actually the day that my father passed away. I decided that it was time to turn a sad day into a happy one. So I proposed to my girlfriend. How, you ask? Well, I thought it would be nice to do something private, so we went to Downtown Disney and rented a small boat to drive around. She thought nothing of it. Upon driving the boat back, I decided to stop it and told her that I’d like to dance with her. So we danced in the middle of our empty boat and I sang her, “I want to grow old with you”, you know, that song from “The Wedding Singer”. At this point, she was a bit curious. I rambled on a bit (as guys do) and then pulled the ring (which was fashioned out of her grandmothers ring) out of my pocket and dropped to one knee. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen as I looked up and told her I wanted to grow old with her and asked her, “Will you marry me?”
She said yes and here we are, planning the event that will secure the rest of our lives together.

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