March 21, 2009

Family…. Ummmm Saturday?/ Gainesville, FL Photographer

Now I know I promised the Family Fridays post… and I DO mean well…. but last Friday my little one was S.I.C.K. In her almost 2 years we have yet to have one of those horrible nights that parents fear… until last Thursday when I didn’t sleep a wink and sat on the floor in the bathroom with the shower running just so my little one could breathe. Friday morning we discovered that she had a bad case of bronchitis…. so Family Friday was spent taking care of my family. So here it is, a week and a day late, but full of pictures so I can beg forgiveness!

My husband now has Mondays off- due to cut backs with hours at his company, and it is kind of a blessing in disguise. Now he gets three day weekend, and we get more family time together… so since M was feeling better we headed to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens for her 23 month pictures. We also took our other daughter, a three year old Boxer named Allie, and it was a great family outing.

I was lucky enough to catch this moment…. and this is certainly one that will be a keeper on the wall for awhile.
Playing in a bird bath….

Technically speaking, not the best picture, but I love her smooshed up face trying to blow bubbles.

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