September 21, 2009

Giveaway Number 4!/ Gainesville Photographer

So… this is going to be a little bit different of a contest AND a giveaway.  In a few weeks we will be having our first photo contest from previous sessions, and I would LOVE my readers to let me know some of their favorite images that Sweet Serendipity has captured over the last several months.  So, here is where YOU come in.  I invite you to look back through the blog (I imported as many old JLS Photography posts over here as space would allow!) and pick your favorite image from a session in 2009.  You can tell me the post title, and then a brief description of the post.  I am going to use these nominated pics for Sweet Serendipity’s first photo contest while will take place October 1st – 5th.  The winning image will be presented to the client as a beautiful mounted 11 x 14 print. The runner up will receive an 8 x 10 as well.

The only catch- you CANNOT nominate your own photo. And one nomination per person, please. Since Sweet Serendipity’s tagline is “Capturing Life’s Unexpected Moments”, the contest is entitled “Life’s Unexpected Moments.”

Go ahead and post your nomination here… and the most nominated photos will be entered into the contest on 10/1.

And of course…. you want to know what the  prize is! I am going to give away two prizes for this contest. If you are a NEW client, you will be registered to win a complimentary session.  If you are an EXISTING client, you will be registered to win a proof set, one of the new products that Sweet Serendipity will be offering.  A proof set is a boxed set of 4 x 6 images from your session.  Choose your favorite 50 images (or duplicates of a lesser number of images) and you will receive them in a fabulous metal tin. This is perfect for holiday gift giving.  The proof set can be from a previous session or one that you schedule in the future.

To summarize- pick your favorite image, tell me the blog entry title and a brief description. There will be 2 winners – one NEW client will win a complimentary session. One EXISTING client will win a complimentary boxed proof set. Both prizes are a $100 value!

Can’t wait to see what your choices are! The winners will be announced here on Wednesday night!

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