January 19, 2012

Heather and Erik :: Engaged! | Gainesville Engagement Photography

Best friends since high school, then college came and Heather and Erik lost touch only to reconnect on MySpace. It wasn’t long before their rekindled friendship became love and they knew that they had found the ONE. When Heather decided to move to Florida with her parents, Eric knew that he did not want to lose her. So he packed a bag and moved with them.

Years later it was at the driving range where Erik surprised Heather with an engagement. The story from Heather’s point of view…
He was banking on the fact that I had pretty much given up on us getting engaged, after 4 years of being together. We went to the driving range on February 14, 2011. I had been doing pretty good with the range balls, but I hate using them and using my own balls is stupid because you don’t get them back. I started to get frustrated with the driving range balls and Erik handed me a ball like I use and said use this. I tossed it down and almost hit the ball. He said to me “really?” I responded with “What?!” To which he said “Did you even look at the ball?” And I said “Of course I did…Its a brand new Calloway ball! duh.” He just looked at me like I was insane, so I asked…”Can I hit the new shiny Calloway ball?” “No” So I looked at the ball again and I saw red on the white ball, which I knew shouldn’t be there so I asked “Should I read what’s on the Calloway ball?” “yes” On the ball was written – Heather will you marry me?

Heather and Erik are planning their October wedding in Fort Myers, Fl and decided to take road trip with their pup Gator for their engagement photos…

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