February 17, 2020

Introducing….. Simply Swaddled by Sweet Serendipity :: Newborn Photography Mini Sessions

Newborn photography in Gainesville, Fl. We are thrilled to introduce Simply Swaddled by Sweet Serendipity, the newborn photography wrapped mini session.

New for 2020- the Simply Swaddled session. This “wrapped” newborn session is a much shorter and more affordable option for newborn photography. It is perfect for parents who want to capture a few gorgeous images of their baby without investing a lot of time and money. Think of it as a low stress session where we capture your little one awake OR asleep.

You may be wondering how a Simply Swaddled newborn session differs from a traditional newborn session. I hope this information guide helps to answer some of your questions!

The Simply Swaddled newborn mini session means that your little one is professional “wrapped” / swaddled in one of our many gorgeous wraps. We have a full selection and wide variety of colors and textures available in the studio. I always correspond with parents ahead of time to get ideas for styling your session. The Simply Swaddled mini session differs from a regular newborn session in that your time in the studio is much shorter. Traditional newborn style sessions generally are scheduled for 2 – 3 hours to ensure that baby has plenty of time for soothing and moving between props. During a traditional newborn session there is a fair amount of time spent waiting on little one to fall asleep. Simply Swaddled sessions will have your little one photographed either awake or asleep.

These newborn mini sessions are scheduled for a 30 minute block of time at the Sweet Serendipity. Our studio is located in the heart of the Haile Plantation Village Center in Gainesville, FL. We do ask that clients arrive a few minutes early to ensure that baby is fed and changed prior to the start of the session time. Simply Swaddled clients can enjoy all of the same comforts that we offer during our longer newborn sessions. During a wrapped newborn session baby is swaddled upon arrival at the studio and remains swaddled for the entire session. Most newborns love to be wrapped as it mimics the womb like environment. Since they are warm and comfortable many babies will drift off to sleep once swaddled. If your little one does not sleep the fact that their hands and legs are secure allows them to focus on the camera. These awake photos sometimes even allow me to capture a smile or eye contact! Simply Swaddled sessions do not include any naked or unwrapped poses. Baby will remain wrapped while transitioning from one setup to another though we will swap out to use different colors and accessories. Even in this short amount of time we are able to capture a wide variety of images since the baby remains securely swaddled.

Babies up to ten weeks of age can be scheduled for a Simply Swaddled newborn session. Babies that were born prematurely may even have a longer window for these newborn mini sessions. Please feel free to send an email if you have any questions regarding the newborn mini session and if it is right for your baby. For traditional newborn sessions it is generally better to have baby photographed during the first few weeks of life, but when babies are swaddled they are able to be photographed much later. Naked and posed newborn style sessions rely on newborns being younger and still “bendy” and able to fall into a deep sleep. Once babies get a little older and “stronger” they may not relax as easily into the naked poses. For these reasons the Simply Swaddled sessions can accommodate an older newborn. After the ten week mark most full term babies are near the Tummy Time Milestone. Parents may be interested in scheduling a different style of session if your little one is older than 10 weeks.

Your Simply Swaddled by Sweet Serendipity newborn session will still include the full Sweet Serendipity client experience. Upon booking I will personally reach out to you to discuss any questions/ ideas/ colors that you have in mind for your session. I love to know your goals and favorite colors and props. Your session fee includes the photography session and professional editing of your images, along with studio and prop usage. Clients will receive an online proof gallery from which to view the images captured during their session. The Simply Swaddled newborn mini session includes your favorite THREE digital images presented as a fully retouched high resolution download. Additional digital images, prints and birth announcements are available for purchase as well from the online gallery.

The Simply Swaddled newborn session fee is $150 plus tax and is due upon reservation of your session date/ time.

Your Simply Swaddled Mini Session will include poses of baby wrapped on a posing table, posed in a basket or prop, or lying on a flokati rug. Each of these setups can be styled with different colors, hats, headbands and wraps to ensure a wide variety of images even in the shortened session time. Within each setup that is styled there is a variety of angles and lighting.

While family or sibling photos are NOT included in the Simply Swaddled mini session you do have the option of scheduling a Digital Newborn Mini session that adds more time for swaddled newborn photos with parents and/ or siblings. More info about Sweet Serendipity’s Newborn and Milestone sessions available here.

Simply Swaddled newborn sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Sweet Serendipity studio. To reserve your Simply Swaddled by Sweet Serendipity session please fill out this form:

You can also email the studio directly at info@blog.sweetserendipityphotography.com with questions or to discuss your newborn photography options.

While it is recommend that you secure your little one’s due date in the second trimester for longer newborn sessions, the Simply Swaddled sessions can be booked after baby arrives or while you are still pregnant. Pre- booking your session does allow more time for us to discuss session styling but is absolutely not necessary. Babies can be photographed up to ten weeks of age for a Simply Swaddled style session. If you have pre- booked your session then simply email the studio when you little one arrives and we can get you on the calendar for your chosen date/ time.

Jaime Swanson is the photographer and owner of Sweet Serendipity Photography. Jaime is a mother of four and has been photographing newborns in the North Central Florida area for over a decade. Sweet Serendipity is a full -service portrait studio that specializes in maternity and newborn portraiture as well as babies during their first year of life. If you would like to receive more information on maternity, newborn or baby photography please reach out to the studio at info@blog.sweetserendipityphotography.com. Sweet Serendipity is currently booking newborns through Fall 2020 so it is never too early to get on the calendar!

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