April 27, 2010

Jamie and Eric :: Engaged! | Gainesville Engagement Photographer

Jamie and Eric are the kind of couple who are in love with being in love, and they do not care who knows about it! They are so laid back and easy going that a photo session with them is like hanging out with old friends. Since our initial client meeting and the few times we have had planning sessions since that initial meet and greet I have gotten more and more excited about photographing their August wedding. They are both family oriented and so into each other that you just know they will be growing old together. More on how they met and that proposal in another post….

We met for part one of our two part engagement session at the UF Stadium. Laughter was the theme of the day and Eric kept telling us corny jokes to keep the smiles coming from Jamie. Here are a few favorites and look for another blog post in a few weeks when we wrap up their engagement session with an urban themed session in downtown Alachua.

Got to love the coordinating Gator outfits!

And check out the bling….

And into the stadium we go..

And this one is DEFINITELY my favorite. I can’t take credit for the idea- that was all Eric’s thought. “What if you made it look like we were on the Jumbotron?” He asked…. And so it is.

Jamie and Eric- it was great getting to hang out with you again and I am looking forward to Part 2! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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