March 27, 2012

Maddox :: Stories of Autism | Gainesville, Fl Photographer

When Charlie from Stories of Autism contacted me looking for a North Central Florida Photographer to donate a photo session for a child with autism, I was thrilled to be able to oblige! I met with Maddox and his mom at the University of Florida baseball stadium for his portrait session and boy was he a cutie!

Stories of Autism is a foundation aimed at raising awareness for autism. Charlie hopes to gather stories from children and their families around the country and pair them with a professional photographer. Here is an excerpt from Maddox’s story, written by his mom Katye.

Autism affects 1 in 100 but you are never prepared for when the odds catch up with you. When I first received the diagnosis for Maddox a year and a half ago, it felt like all the hopes and dreams I had for my child would no longer become a reality. I soon came to realize that autism is not a disability but rather a different kind of ability. You must learn to look past what you may see as limitations and see the gifts autism can bring. Maddox may not be good at eye contact or conversation, but he does not lie, cheat at games, tattle on his peers, or pass judgment on other people. His smile can light up a room. Six months ago I was not sure I would ever hear my child utter the words “i love you.” The dedication of each person involved in his life has made this and many other dreams become a reality. I am looking forward to the progress that will be made in years ahead and the many lessons we can learn from each other.

Some images of this very special little boy….

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