July 25, 2009

Shannon and Mel Are Getting Married/ Gainesville Engagement Photographer

There are times when I am photographing a couple that I can just sense how absolutely in love they are. With Shannon and Mel, I felt this way during their entire session. It was impossible not to notice how unbelievably crazy they are about each other. Shannon is an RN and Mel is a flight paramedic so they certainly have saving lives in common, among other things.

Shannon and Mel were lucky enough to find a home in historic McIntosh that the previous owner had already restored. The two of them are incredibly proud of their beautiful home and will be holding their August wedding ceremony there with a reception to follow at Steve’s Cafe Americain in downtown Gainesville.

Not only do they have a beautiful home to be starting their lives together in, but a magnificent neighborhood as well. We didn’t have to go far from their front steps to capture these stunning photos.


Look at them look at each other- absolutely what love is all about.

I love the story behind Shannon’s untraditional engagement ring. Shannon and Mel found this ring in Germany while at a local market- and according to German culture the stones symbolize the joining of two families into one. It symbolized everything that they believe love is about. Mel bought the ring, and because it just felt like it was the “right time”, he proposed to Shannon in the church in Germany where Shannon’s parents got married.

We snuck over to their neighbor’s yard for this shot- and I LOVE these wildflowers! They are taller than Shannon!

McIntosh is known for its several hundred year old oak trees, so of course we had to incorporate one of them into a photo.

Shannon and Mel, I cannot wait for your wedding, and thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day!

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