May 5, 2009

She Said Yes!/ Gainesville, FL Engagement Photographer

I have the most amazing job in the world. I honestly cannot think of anything better then being invited to share in all of these memorable experiences with my clients. Last week I was contacted by Madhava, who was planning to propose to his girlfriend of three years, and he wanted a photographer there to capture the exact moment that he popped the question. Of course I jumped at the opportinuty- one because I am a hopeless romantic and the opportunity to share in this experience was unbelievable, and two because I knew if it was important enough to hire a photographer for, it was probably going to be a creative proposal.

And that it was! Madhava had planned ahead of time to take Manjari to dinner at Chopsticks Cafe, a place they frequented. He planned to slip a note inside a fortune cookie that she would open after dinner, and the cookie would have a note telling her that he was about to propose. Madhava shared with me the secret of how to microwave the cookies to get them soft enough to open to be able to slip a fortune inside. There was obviously a lot of planning that went into this special evening.

Congratulations you guys! Thank you for inviting me to share in this with you, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!








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