April 5, 2010

Stephanie and Lonnie :: Engaged! | Gainesville Engagement Photographer

Stephanie and Lonnie had a chance meeting one evening while in line for a basketball at the University of Florida. They ended up watching that game, and many others, together during the course of their relationship. They also enjoy meeting at Connestogas in Downtown Alachua for a date night. One one of these date nights Lonnie surprised Stephanie with an engagement ring. When they told me this story I knew that we had to have their Engagement Session in Downtown Alachua because it is such an important place to them. They are planning a wedding for July of 2010.

After a cancellation due to weather (rain and Engagement Sessions DO NOT MIX!) we finally were able to meet in Alachua for their sunset engagement session. It is easy to see after just a few minutes around them that they are absolutely crazy in love with each other. They are so relaxed and easy going that our session was a blast. Here are a few favorites from their day and a slideshow of more.

Stephanie and Lonnie- it was great to finally meet you and I can’t wait for your wedding! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Lonnie had just bought daisies for Stephanie and they brought them along for the session. Daisies are her favorite flowers and they will be their wedding flower as well.

And a slideshow of some other favorites….

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