December 6, 2010

The M Family (and some of my own too!) | Tampa Bay Family Photographer

So no kidding…. it is HARD to work with family. Especially when your family consists of four children under the age of 4 to be photographed for their holiday photos. It is a yearly event to get together with my sister’s family and try to get a decent picture of our children to give to our parents for Christmas. When there were two it was a challenge…. then a little harder with three and now nearly impossible with four. Next year there will be FIVE kids under five to photograph so we may need to bring in a team of helpers!

I was in the Tampa area this weekend for sessions and my sister graciously watched Madalyn so she could come down for a “vacation”. So she had the nearly impossible task of getting the 4 kids up, bathed, groomed, dressed and ready for our session. I came from another session and met them at the University of Tampa for photos. This is where the great family portrait debacle began. We got all the kids out of the car and my own darling daughter and nephew ran ahead through a grassy area where we were looking for the perfect family photo spot. I think Jenna and I realized at the same time that a small “creek” (drainage ditch) ran through the area we were in…. and we yelled at the kids to stop. Madalyn, thank goodness, stopped dead in her tracks, but Landon…. well he kept running right into the water. Bless his little heart- he was soaked to his waist.

But he is a trooper and after a few tears I think he forgot all about his wet britches. His denim just looked a little darker in photos…. but note to self for next year- bring TWO outfits for every child!

Here is an extra long sneak peek for my ever so patient sister….

Her three adorable little munchkins.

And throw in Madalyn for the cousin photo.

My gorgeous niece Savannah…

… and Landon, wet pants and all he is still so photogenic!

The newest addition- Delaney Quinn at three months old.

The whole family….

My child has what is known as Photographer’s Child Syndrome. This means that she always wants her photo taken until I get it out and then she refuses to cooperate. I think every pro photographer has at least one child like this. So after much begging and pleading all I got from Madayn were pouts, until I packed up the camera and suddenly she wanted “her turn.” Sigh. Here is the end result of that.

I have to admit- I LOVE this one. Hair in the face and all. This is so “Madalyn.”

And we finish with a little cutie pie under the tree….

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