September 3, 2009

Travis {FRPAC Calendar Sneak Peek!}/ Gainesville Photographer

Travis is a Rescue Lieutenant with the Alachua County Department of Public Safetly. When he hasn’t been busy saving lives, he has been training for the Mr. Gainesville Bodybuilding Competition that took place this past weekend. Travis placed second in his weight class, quite an accomplishment for his first time competing. I met Travis in Jonesville at the new Station 17 for his photo shoot today. Since it is right before Labor Day weekend, and firefighters around the country are asking you to FILL THE BOOT, we will celebrate with an extra long sneak peek!

First we started in the weight room, a place Travis clearly felt at home.


Quite possibly my favorite from this session.

Then we headed out into the bay to use the backdrop of Tanker 17 for some photos.




Travis proudly showing off his trophy.

And then we headed outside for a few shots as well.

Travis posing with my two lovely assistants for the day. Here is the fabulous Kristina Patten, also a firefighter and the Union’s MDA representative for 2009. Kristina will also be posing for the calendar!

And my other “assistant”- my own darling daughter who loved posing with her Uncle Travis.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and look for another one in ten days when we resume shooting! Tell your friends about the FRPAC calendar- presale info will be announced here at the end of the month!

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