March 6, 2009

Welcome to Family Fridays on the JLS Photography Blog

So I can’t take credit for the Family Friday idea- a photographer friend of mine does it on her blog (Thanks Jen!) and I thought that it might bring some more action over here. Also, now you get to know a little more about me and my family since I love getting to know you and all of your families. Thanks to all of my wonderful clients and the success of my small business, I have been able to upgrade most of my camera equipment (which is LOTS of fun for me, but also means much better quality prints and products for you!) My most recent upgrade is a new camera- a Canon 5D, which is absolutely amazing in so many ways and takes some really rockin photos. I am really excited to be able to use this camera on shoots with all of you! I have also upgraded several lenses, as well as added some new products to the ordering system, including a DVD slideshow option, which I will show a sample of soon on this blog. But enough about the business…. a little about us….

My little girl is going to turn two this Spring. Amazing, isnt it? I never thought that time would fly by this fast…. but it does! I just celebrated my 29th birthday, and while I still feel very young, there are days where I can definitely see how grown up I have become. Especially when I look at how big my little one is getting, and how she isnt technically a baby anymore (well, let’s be honest… she will always be my baby!) It amazes me how many words she can say, and how she is able to put her thoughts into words- even sentences!- now. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, and she isn not afraid to speak her opinion.

We are defintiely beginning to struggle with the terrible twos- but mostly because I have to remember to be the adult and not give in to her every time. But even as frustrated as I sometimes get, I cannot help but be completely in awe of her spirit and her tenacity, and I hope that those are qualities that she never, ever loses.

And in honor of my new camera, here are a few pictures we took in the backyard the other day with it. I hope you enjoyed the very first edition of Family Fridays…. and keep checking back. This blog will soon be hopping with activity as I enter the busy Spring wedding season ( between now and May I have several engagement sessions and 4 more weddings, as well as some portrait sessions, so there will be LOTS to look at!)

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