November 9, 2009

Urban Cowboys (And Girls!) | Gainesville Photographer

It’s no secret that I love, love, LOVE urban sessions. Even more fun when I get to do them with a family who shows up in totally rockin’ outfits and the sweetest pairs of cowboy boots you have ever seen. They nailed the idea of how to dress for a fun family session!

Mrs. H is the identical twin sister of one of my favorite clients, and she made the trek to Gainesville from South Florida for their family photo session. (Well she probably wanted to visit the family too!) It was so great to meet a family member of one of my clients- and it was unreal how much she and her sister look alike!

My obsession with red brick walls continues…. one of the best things about an urban session is the amazing colors you can capture!



After we hung out in Downtown Alachua for a bit we headed out to one of my secret spots for some more shots..



Check out how obviously into each other these two are. There is so much love in this family
I think this is such a fun family shot! These 3 little ones had a great time snickering at Mom and Dad!
And introducing the chocolate black and white- it just seemed to go so well with the idea of the railroad tracks and the cowboy boots!

H Family it was great to meet you today and thanks for making the journey up to see me! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I hope to have the gallery up sometime soon!

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